“Not Jessica” 2011

Your eyes are full of honesty,

Your hair smells very sweet.

Your hands are made for dancing,

Your lips a soft, soft treat.

Our arms fit nicely ’round our waists,

But our ideas are unaligned.

Our lives are wholly different,

Our futures undefined.

It makes no sense – the two of us,

It makes no sense at all.

You are the fairest in the land,

I’m the fairest in – Nepal?

I always take the train,

While you prefer to fly.

You delight in staying late,

I greet the morning sky.

I stay in and read at night,

You love clubs and dancing.

You vacation on the beach,

Hiking is my fancy.

But I’d like to see you once again,

I’d like to see you soon.

I can’t resist your pretty smile…

Perhaps I am a loon!

Copyright (c) 2011

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