“Loving is the highest form of living.” – MCM

  • “I Kissed Jenni”
In Phoenix, rising as it does, 
Just a call and there she was.
First her smile, as our eyes met,
Couldn't know how good it'd get.
Back home that night I tried to call,
Once you know her, she is all.
Instead of meeting, at least at first,
Sent her flowers and lines of verse.
Back from Europe, I began to ask,
Could we dine, at last, at last?
She wore black, with golden hair,
Cookies for me, for her - a bear!
Back from Europe, I began to ask,
Could we dine, at last, at last?
She wore black, with golden hair,
Cookies for me, for her - a bear!
Talked and talked 'til the rest went home,
Talked some more, why be alone?
Then we danced just one sweet dance,
All it took to feel the trance.
Then we met in Franklin's town,
Mummers Parade, complete with clowns!
How very perfect, how just right,
To kiss Jenni on New Year's Night!

Copyright (c) 1994

  • “Weekends With Jenni”
Visits with Jenni,		
We did then find,
Bound us together,
In heart and in mind.
Spoke each weeknight, 
Spoke quiet by phone,
No longer did we
Spend our nights alone.
Shared our sweet poems, 
Plus soft "ILYs",
Made us both laugh, 
And made us both cry.
Through sleet, snow and rain, 
She came to DC,
Her brave efforts made,
To be here with me.
Friends often assembled, 
Our dinners were fun,
Alas, Sunday evenings, 
She had to run.
Visions of future, 
Stories of our past,
All meant to insure that 
Our love would last.
Music and poetry, 
Gifts from afar,
'Good Night Moon', 
We wished on a star.
She'd leave by train,
I to the sky,
Hugs, final whispers, 
Final goodbyes.
Back on the teli,
Four nights and days,
Thank God for this, 
He gave us Fridays!
But we came to an end,
So sorry to say,
Wished for "forever",
But she's gone away.

Copyright (c) 1994

  • “Will You Love?”
You're in a box,
It’s clear, it’s glass.
You're looking for the door.
For through that door
Lies life for thee,
Nothing less, and so much more.
You’ve been on earth,
You’ve seen folks bond
You’ve got a sense of Real.
It is that prize
You hope to share,
To love - to know - to feel.
Your present state - captivity,
The captivity of your heart,
Has been for thee a way of life,
Since God gave to thee your start.
You know not if you’ll find the door,
You can only pray and yearn.
And with God’s help,
Perhaps one day,
Love’s lessons you will learn.

Copyright (c) 2004

  • “Electra”
Strong, alone,
She knows no home.
It’s been this way,
For all her days.
She cares so much,
She’s hard to touch.
Of love she dreams,
It's all, it seems.
Perhaps one day,
She’ll feel this way.
That’s the wish,
To feel one kiss.
Her search is real,
To touch, to feel.
That one day,
One man will say,
- “Electra” -

Copyright (c) 2005

  • “As We’ve Been Taught”
Monday’s an industrious day,
Meant for work and not for play.
As we’ve been taught.

I know this truth, I know this creed,
Hand to the wheel, plant the seed.
Thus we’ve been taught.

It’s been my life, it’s been my way,
It’s been my habit - until this day.
As I've been taught.

Then one Monday, to my surprise,
I skipped work, I improvised.
I kid you not.

Went to the park, quiet as can be,
No one in sight - save her, save me.
And she was hot.

Could it be true, could this be right,
She too was rebelling, to my delight.
Would we be caught?

Along the river, two benches bare,
Their quiet pull, enticed us there.
As nature ought.

She went first, and chose a seat,
My heart sped up, and missed a beat.
We were besot.

Then who’d have guessed, I took a chair,
Right next to her, the day we shared.
T'was Camelot.   

Copyright (c) 2005

  • “Anticipating You”
Like a boy awaiting a snowfall,
A student on his first day in class.
A young actor finally performing... 
A sailor aboard ship - at last.
I await the softness of your touch,
I await your eyes and your bliss.
I await the "finally" I'll feel when I hear,
You've said "yes" to just one more kiss.
Then we will discover the closeness,
That touches the essence of life.
We'll discover the eternal meaning,
Of becoming husband and wife.

Copyright (c) 2009

  • “You Ask Me To Wait”
You are far away - in Canada,
So far from my own heart.
Your children truly need you,
You must not be apart.
Your eyes are set on raising them,
My eyes are set on you.
You have the values I seek in life,
The girl of dreams come true.
In all of this you ask "please wait",
Until they fly away...
Precious years of this brief life,
Years of love now held at bay.
You are far - in Canada.
Far away from my own home.
Your children truly need you,
So I must go on - alone.

Copyright (c) 2009

  • “Not Jessica”
Your eyes are full of honesty,
Your hair smells very sweet.
Your hands are made for dancing,
Your lips a soft, soft treat.
Our arms fit nicely 'round our waists, 
But our ideas are unaligned.
Our lives are wholly different, 
Our futures undefined. 
It makes no sense - the two of us,
It makes no sense at all. 
You are the fairest in the land,
I'm the fairest in – Nepal?
I always take the train, 
While you prefer to fly.
You delight in staying late,
I greet the morning sky.
I stay in and read at night,
You love clubs and dancing.
You vacation on the beach,
Hiking is my fancy.
But I'd like to see you once again, 
I'd like to see you soon. 
I can't resist your pretty smile... 
Perhaps I am a loon!  

Copyright (c) 2011

  • “Sleeping Alone”
For the ambitious man
Sleep can seem, 
Of little use at all. 
He even wonders
If he might,
Ignore its nightly call.
They say "sweet dreams",
They say "good night",
How hollow this does seem.
When you're alone 
In bed each night,
About whom shall you dream?
So make my day,
And make my night,
Makes sense of all of this. 
Please appear,
Come very soon,
And heal me with your kiss.

Copyright (c) 2011

  • “Why Did We Meet?”
Why did we meet,
What could be the cause?
Did we meet for a reason,
To assuage all our flaws?
If the cause is our hands,
Sharing work and real toil,
Then let's get on with building,
And tilling the soil.
If the cause is our heads,
To share all our theories,
Then let's talk and debate,
Like the Greeks' famous furies.
If the cause is our souls,
And sweet memories,
Then let's get on with loving,
Like the birds and the bees.

Copyright © 2012

  • “Friends & Lovers”
Friends share a vision,
They see the same goal. 
Lovers see each other,
For them the bells toll.
Friends plan big things,
They act and they design. 
Lovers plan lives together, 
They embrace life Devine.
Friends share interests,
They travel and they play. 
Lovers share affections,
Each the center of their day.
Friends we have many,
And we welcome even more.
Lovers have each other,
Enough, for each, for sure.
Friends can come and go,
With the passing of the years. 
Lovers true stay loyal,
Through joys and yes, through tears.
True friends we value highly, 
We keep them close and sure.
Lovers live a step beyond,
Beyond death their lives endure.

Copyright (c) 2015

  • “The Porch Light”
It's said that women,
Just want to be loved.  
And men to be needed, 
This word from Above.
The woman's dilemma
If he's inattentive,
Is how to engage him? 
She must be inventive.
So at her own porch light
She smacks with a bat!
And asks him to help her
Replace one like that.
Choosing a new light
Together that day,
He affixes it firmly,
She asks him to stay.
They sit by the fire,
With cookies and tea,
She smiles to herself,
He says, "lucky me".
The moral of the story
Is right there for you.
Make the man of your life
Feel helpful and true. 
This may not win favor
With every dear lass,
But I've seen for myself
How this comes to pass.  

Copyright (c) 2015

  • “Your Heart”
I will always hold your heart,
More tenderly than mine. 
I will guard it every day,
It's such a precious find.
They say no love is perfect,
But haven't yet met you. 
They say nothing's forever,
But I say it is true. 
This poem is for one reader,
And you know her pretty name. 
One reader is enough,
One candle, and one flame. 
They say that nothing lasts,
That all good things must end.
But who are they to say,
That this was just pretend? 
I don't know if we'll meet again,
Or how this story ends.
But memories are ours for life,
They warm our hearts and mend. 
The years are many now,
It seems so long ago.
But if we met this very night,
Our words would surely flow.  
So here's a poem to us,
We did it soft and true.
We took a chance on love,
So thankful I met you. 

Copyright (c) 2015

  • “Why Men Give Flowers”
To a young man,
It simply comes with ease. 
The giving of sweet flowers
To a girl he seeks to please. 

As a young man,
It's naturally what you do. 
A woman arrives into your life, 
You feel it through and through. 

As a young man,
You never question this -
Why a manly man like you,
Would give flowers for a kiss?

And to a man of any age,
It still never strikes as odd,
This soft and sweet behavior, 
This ground on which men trod. 

And so the question is,
Why men do this at all?
Why take the flowers into our hands -
Why answer to this call?

Perhaps the answer is,
Good men are truly clear -
That strength alone is not enough,
Not only why we're here. 

Among our many duties,
Above our work and art,
We have the solemn joy,
To care and warm a heart. 

Among life's many miracles,
And treasures do we see -
A timeless, endearing ritual
Gave life to you and me. 

Copyright (c) 2016


  • “I Want To Be That Man”
I Want To Be That Man
I want to be that man,
The only one for sure,
The man who walks with you,
Through all we both endure.
I want to be that man
Who holds you every night,
Who on each day does see
Your eyes reflect the light. 
I want to be that man
The father of your child,
Your partner in that charge,
In times both harsh and mild.  
I want to be that man,
Who walks through life secure,
That when all else does fail.
He knows your love, for sure. 
I want to be that man
Who travels far and wide,
Who sails the ocean blue,
With you right by my side.
I want to be that man
Upon whom you depend,
When all things come apart,
My strength will have no end. 
I want to be that man,
Whose faith is your faith, too.
That when we pray for light,
We'll know salvation true. 

Copyright (c) 2016

  • “No One After Thee”
Having loved  
Then one assumes,
That the feeling 
Ever blooms. 
Having cared 
For just her smile, 
Surely this 
Should last awhile. 
Having spoken
Every day,
Won't her words
In memory stay? 
Having held
Her hands so dear,
Shan't those feelings
Still be here?
Having laughed
'Til we did cry,
Why my eyes
Are ever dry?
Given all 
that we discussed, 
How to bear
This constant hush?
Having shared  
So much of travel,
Why my trips do now
Having kissed 
And kissed some more,
What was all our passion 
Given all 
That we did plan,
With her gone 
I'm less a man.
Just for us
We named a star,
Now at night
It seems so far.
Having loved 
into the night,
Aren't those feelings
Still my right?
Having pledged 
To never part, 
How can I find 
My new start? 
Having made you
My heart's song, 
To stop singing 
Seems so wrong. 
Having loved
And having lost,
I'm forever 
Tempest tossed. 
Having loved you 
Don't you see?
There is no one 
After thee.

Copyright (c) 2016

  • “When You Know”
When you know
Just whom you love, 
Nothing else
Dare rise above. 
When she enters
Any room,
Gone is sadness,
Away is gloom. 
When you listen
To her clear voice,
You never question
That she's your choice. 
Once she fondly 
Takes your hand,
If danger threatens, 
For her you'll stand. 
When you wed
The vows you say,
A lifetime pledge
Begins that day.
As you thread 
Your life as one,
No storms or furies 
Can make undone. 
As you bring 
New life to earth,
It doubles what 
To you she worth 
Raise them up
Your children with care,
Until they're ready 
To take to air. 
As all the years 
Go tumbling by,
Fond memories are
Then piled high. 
Graying hair 
And wrinkles soft,
Remind you both 
Of heaven's loft. 
Comes the day
Of Judgment fair,
Before your God 
You stand a pair.

Copyright (c) 2016

  • “Written Just For You”
Your very favorite poem,
The novel you find fun,
The painting that endears,
All completed - just for one.

While many read his verse,
Yea, many see his oils,
And his readers do abound,
It's for her that this man toils.

We're witness to his arts,
We want to claim them now,
We're audience enthralled -
But to her heart doth he vow.

It's always been this way,
The focus of desire.
Surrendered to just one,
Love's passion lit afire.

Accept that this is so,
Covet not the lovers' love.
Instead on this day pledge,
To write a sonnet for your dove.

Paint a picture for her home,
Write a story for her heart.
Sing a song to make her smile,
Make her wish to never part.

The moral then is clear,
The lesson here is true.
Their love does stand alone,
See that your love does so, too.

Copyright (c) 2016

  • “Getting To ‘I Do'”
We're all social beings,
Few love life alone.
We all are seeking someone
To make house a home.
But there are real challenges,
Right from the start.
A prime example -
"'Till death do us part"!
Those five simple words
May seem harmless to some,
But taken as gospel, 
Can make good men run!
And then there's religion, 
So certain to test, 
A couple's true faith -
Now there's a contest!
And how about children,
Who wants just how many?
They disrupt our careers,
And cost pretty penny!
Where shall we live -
In the country, or city?
How far from our parents?
My dog or your kitty?!
Wealth is important,
The unspoken guest.
How much is enough?
A true coupling test!
Interior design?
Not really so key.
But your wagon wheel table 
Is not living with me!
Who does the cooking?
Who washes the dishes?
The man must reply,
"I'll honor your wishes"!
Who cuts the grass,
And repairs broken pipes?
Bandwidth is low,
Who is that on your Skype?!
Our first new car,
Black never looks clean. 
Sunroofs muss hair,
Let's find something in green!
Our first dinner party -
Will she come with him?
If that is the case -
Quickly dis-invite Jim!
If he's your best man
I may skip the wedding. 
If she's maid of honor,
Bad advice you'll be getting.
Let's find our own rings,
Silver, platinum, or gold?
That setting's too large,
For your hand to hold!
We love our new closet,
But she claims it alone.
So many new shoes
That need a new home!
Sharing a bed -
Now that sounds like fun!
This side is mine, 
Unless it gets sun!
An afternoon wedding,
Or, is evening the best?
Can we afford lobster -
For how many guests?!
Honeymoon planning -
You know I hate cruises. 
Hiking the Rockies -
My legs full of bruises?!
Isn't this easy?
All done in a snap.
But before I propose -
Let me take a short nap!

Copyright (c) 2016

  • “Don’t Read This Poem”
Don't read this poem,
Written for you.
It is just something
I had to do.
Don't read these lines
About our dear past,
When once we did vow 
Our sweet love would last.
It's been so long 
Since I felt alive.
Life was so sweet 
'Til we took our dive.
You ask that I not
Depict it that way,
"Our dive", that is
On that fateful day.
Then what shall we call it,
What name is exact?
When our life did end,
But we're still intact?
When our song exists,
But is no longer sung?
When our tree still stands,
Yet to it we don't run?
When our hands reach out,
But find only air?
When we search the path,
But we're never there?
You know all our days 
Were so full of hope,
Optimism clearly
Our horoscope.
You were the thought 
I loved to think.
You were the girl
I loved in pink.
I wrote silly poems
Only you could adore.
Having you in my life, 
I wanted no more.
Seeing your smile, 
I'd start to swoon.
A schoolboy crush,
Your very own loon.
We'd walk to the store
Without a dime in our hands.
We'd look at old maps 
To dream of new lands.
We'd stay up late 
For some silly reasons.
We'd do this in summer,
And in all of the seasons.
We had our own jokes,
No one else knew.
We cooked badly together
Our very own stew.
While you took a shower,
I'd make our eggs.
You'd buy a new skirt
To show off your legs.
Our kisses were endless,
And storms made them better.
When we were on travel 
Every day meant a letter.
Now all that is gone,
Like glass, it did shatter.
Old friends now ask -
"Just what is the matter?"
I tell them don't read this,
And don't make a fuss,
It's just something I wrote
To remind me of us.

Copyright (c) 2016

  • “Where Did We Go?”
I flee this question -
It strikes too deep.
To your soul you say -
I’ve dates to keep.

I've much to do,
So much to gain,
A name to build
Before life wanes.

My education -
All done now.
My reputation -
My hallowed vow.

Land a job
With all the perks.
Build a team
That together works.

Find a bride
To love and cherish.
Gather friends,
And join a parish.

Children come,
We raise them right.
A larger home,
Our future's bright.

Off to college
Our kids do go.
I'm working lots
To make more dough.

My wife works, too - 
She's closing deals.
Her flight is late,
We're missing meals.

We found a place
A winter home,
A place we'll go
To be alone.

Right now we seldom
Make it there,
But one day soon
With fewer cares.

Promotions come
And circles grow,
Our paths diverge
Others to know.

When children visit
The change is clear,
The parents they knew
Are past, not here.

As duties deepen,
As jobs expand,
She gets to know
Another man.

As for me, 
I have great friends.
They're fun and fill
My free weekends.

We see our children
Less and less,
It breaks my heart
I must confess.

We sold the home
In Tampa Beach,
With her busy life
She's hard to reach.

When we were married
We made a pact,
For our sacred union
We'd in favor act.

The marriage pledge
'Till death do part,
Abridged just now
For her new start.

Looking back 
On all of life,
I miss the girl
Who was my wife.

We missed His plan
Our daily prayer,
We let life's fruits
Divide our pair.

For you two now
There may be space, 
To pledge again,

To agree right now
Of all of life,
The greatest prize
Is man and wife.

Copyright (c) 2016

  • “The Wait”
We faithful men
Do hope and pray,
That she'll arrive
And save our day.

The vision's clear
Her hair is fair
Her lips are soft
Our lives we'll share.

She's on her way
It won't be long
Before we meet
And sing our song.

We plan for this
We trust our fate
Knowing soon
She'll be at our gate.

Is that her?
Is she the one?
No not this time
The search undone.

It wasn't her
Not meant to be,
Keep faith they say
She'll one day be.

The years go by
The prayers subside
The flame grows dim
Does faith abide?

Friends pray for you
As they fall asleep
With spouse right there
Whose heart they keep.

They cannot know
Nor give much thought
Of life alone
Of life for naught.

Now here we are,
Hope growing dim
One man alone
Why am I him?

If this is it
If this is all
Why give me breath
Why not let me fall?

Copyright (c) 2016

  • “Love One”
She was happy
With her lips,
And she told him
With her hips.

She was happy
With her smile,
A pretty woman
Full of guile.

She knew what
Her man sought,
Not something
That one bought.

Not something
That he earned -
Clearly something
That he yearned.

They were married -
All seemed right.
So devoted -
Absent fight.

Their life went
Very well -
So there's little more
To tell...

Oh, except this
Little fact -
With a man
She made a pact.

They would meet
When he was gone,
To play each other's

Then one day
Returning early,
He found him
With his girlie.

At her funeral
It was said
She had
Fallen on her head.

No, not really -
She's alive,
But no longer
Does she thrive.

What was once
Her soul and heart
Is now the life
She tore apart.

The  one thing
She really had
Is now the memory
Of the sad.

The moral's
Here for you -
When in love
Make that love do.

Copyright (c) 2016

  • “A Girl From the Past”
She was young when we met,
How could I forget -
And I was then younger, as well.

The dreams in our head,
And the sparks in our bed -
Surely made us a couple so swell.

It worked for a while,
Lots of fun and a smile -
Memories we now hold so dear.

But our maturity lacked,
So we gave it the sack -
Advancing our lives without fear.

To mates we attached,
Yet none were well-matched -
We ended up all in a haze.

By chance did we meet,
There she was at my feet -
Completing her exile maze.

Off to dinner we walked,
And we talked and we talked -
Wondering why we had parted at all.

Then to our great surprise,
As you may now surmise -
We finally did answer our call.

We married quite fast,
Knowing this time we'd last -
And indeed we remain as if one.

Now the moral is clear,
When that girl reappears -
Make sure you don't miss all the fun!

Copyright (c) 2016

  • “If I lost My Legs”
If I lost my legs
In a tragedy -
Would you still be here?
Would you stand by me?

Would we take our walks
If I couldn't run?
Would it be the same,
Or no longer fun?

If I couldn't do
What I once had done,
Would you see me less
Than your special one?

If a lifetime thing -
This disrepair -
So much to ask
Of the one I care.

Love's hard enough
When we're standing tall,
Would this grievous loss
Lead to love's recall?

Could we make love
Or would sadness reign?
Could you lift me up
Above this pain?

If we had a son,
How could I meet
His boyhood needs
With my absent feet?

If we had a girl
Would she one day ask
That I take her to
Her first school dance?

The man is meant
To protect his bride,
If hobbled so,
What a blow to pride.

So I've written this
As we plan to wed,
Before our path
Meets the wedding bed.

As I have to know
If the worst appears,
Will you hold me tight
Or give in to fears?

"For better or worse"
We'll be asked to vow,
Can we both say this?
Please tell me now.

Copyright (c) 2016

  • “No Man Need Call Her ‘Dear'”
Upon our introduction 
Her eyes spoke very clear -
Her lonely life was 'happy',
No man need call her 'dear'.

Her choice of dress was perfect,
As black as eyes and hair. 
She held her body proudly,
Deep within she hid her flare.

Where others saw a woman
Who welcomed no advance,
The girl I saw was hiding 
From intimacy's trance.

Her words were all well chosen,
Her defenses always on,
No weakness was admitted,
She'd never serve as pawn.

I did the unexpected 
And decided not to care,
But let her tell her story 
And take us anywhere.

She makes it hard to love her,
But this she does not see,
So tightly does she hold her heart
No man can set it free.

If she ever seeks "together",
And decides to make it true -
Just admit a man is needed
And surrender to "I do".

Copyright (c) 2016

  • “Yes Every Day”
Whether a priest, or a rabbi,
A husband or a wife -
The lesson's just the same -
About the secret of your life.

Life's essence is a choice
No matter what you do,
No matter who you are,
This choice is up to you.

The only thing that matters
The only thing for sure,
Is the commitment that you make
Must be a promise that endures.

Whether as religious vows,
Or vows of wedded bliss -
It is a sacred choice for sure,
Not sealed with just one kiss.

It claims most all your days
And all your night times, too.
It is your one true choice,
You have to see it through.

It asks but one clear question
Of faith - or of your wife -
"Yes" must be your answer,
"Yes" becomes your way of life.

The moral of the story,
Is a single word you say -
To the one you are committed
Say "yes" to every day...

Copyright (c) 2016

  • “As We’ve Been Taught”
Monday’s an industrious day,
Meant for work and not for play.
As we’ve been taught.

I know this truth, I know this creed,
Hand to the wheel, plant the seed.
Thus we’ve been taught.

It’s been my life, it’s been my way,
It’s been my habit - until this day.
As I've been taught.

Then one Monday, to my surprise,
I skipped work, I improvised.
I kid you not.

Went to the park, quiet as can be,
No one in sight - save her, save me.
And she was hot.

Could it be true, could this be right,
She too was rebelling, to my delight.
Would we be caught?

Along the river, two benches bare,
Their quiet pull, enticed us there.
As nature ought.

She went first, and chose a seat,
My heart sped up, and missed a beat.
We were besot.

Then who’d have guessed, I took a chair,
Right next to her, the day we shared.
T'was Camelot.   

Copyright (c) 2016

  • “Awaiting You” 2016
Awaiting you, am I -
Here under God's blue sky.
I'm finally ready now,
To face you, eye to eye.

My wait was long and hard,
My wait was absent hope.
Unsure the sun would rise,
Heart tied to knotted rope.

At first I tracked the time,
Days piled high and wide.
I watched the seasons pass,
With no one at my side.

The darkness settled in,
And closed the door of heart.
The shadows grasped control,
I was alone, apart.

I resigned myself to this,
The death of lovers' glee.
The tale of one spare man,
Life lived without a she.

It may be God's own will,
Perhaps it can be said -
To finally love - again,
One's heart must first be dead.

If that hard rule be true,
If written for all time,
I bear witness to this fate,
This bell I've heard does chime.

But now the clouds have passed,
And sunlight bursts within!
I've met the girl of girls,
My heart is hers to win.

Not every man recounts
This kind of journey home.
Some lives are filled with love,
Some lives lived all alone.

What fate the gods for thee?
You pray a story true.
That someday you will see,
Redemption given you.

Copyright (c) 2016

  • “As We’ve Been Taught”
Monday’s an industrious day,
Meant for work and not for play.
As we’ve been taught.

I know this truth, I know this creed,
Hand to the wheel, plant the seed.
Thus we’ve been taught.

It’s been my life, it’s been my way,
It’s been my habit - until this day.
As I've been taught.

Then one Monday, to my surprise,
I skipped work, I improvised.
I kid you not.

Went to the park, quiet as can be,
No one in sight - save her, save me.
And she was hot.

Could it be true, could this be right,
She too was rebelling, to my delight.
Would we be caught?

Along the river, two benches bare,
Their quiet pull, enticed us there.
As nature ought.

She went first, and chose a seat,
My heart sped up, and missed a beat.
We were besot.

Then who’d have guessed, I took a chair,
Right next to her, the day we shared.
T'was Camelot.   

Copyright (c) 2016

  • “With My One Heart” 2016
With my two hands
I protect you - for sure.
With those same hands
Our bond I'll secure.

With my two legs
I show you city and farm.
With those very same legs
Rescue you from harm.

With my two eyes
I see your face ever fair.
In those same eyes
You see how I much care.

With my two ears
I listen and learn,
About your hopes
And your worldly concerns.

These corporal pairs -
Each play their own true part.
But God's plan was singular
When He gave just one heart.

And with my one heart
I pledge love and true grace.
And with that same heart
Our life together I trace.

Copyright (c) 2016

  • “Her Sofa” 
She found a sofa,
And paid for it.
She picked the style -
A nice clean fit.

She chose the color,
Her favorite hue -
She dreamed of all
On it they'd do.

They'd watch the movies,
And together chat.
They'd hear the news,
And play tic tac.

From their sofa
They'd see the street,
As friendly neighbors
Arrived with treats.

And when they'd visit
With friends held dear,
That sofa would witness
Both trial and cheer.

Their favorite books
Here they would read,
And share those stories
Of valor and greed.

Among its uses
She hoped for sure,
He'd kiss her lips -
Her love, secure.

Then every time
They sat as one,
They'd reminisce -
On what they'd done.

Now here she sits
Alone this day,
Praying he
Will come her way.

For what's the use
Of this fine chair,
If with her heart
No one to share?

So give some thought
Of men you know -
Who might dispatch
To make her glow! 

Copyright (c) 2016

  • “Hold On Tight!” 
Love lessons learned -
Oft wrapped in pain,
Leading her to vow
"Never again!"

But left alone
Is this her fate,
When soul and heart
Long to satiate?

So she told him "Yes"
Against her vow,
For that was then -
And he is now.

She took his hand
On their first night,
She said a prayer –
And held on tight!

I won't reveal
How this developed -
Parting ways –
Or two enveloped?

But to their credit
They made a start -
Now you alone –
Control your heart.   

Copyright (c) 2016

  • “His Dear Sweet Wife” 
He knew she loved him
Because she knew
The worst of him,
And still stayed true.

She knew his secrets
His every tale,
His boyhood dreams -
Hopes now gone pale.

The truth did free them
No walls were up -
Their moments cherished,
They shared one cup.

And thus they lived
In love, good friends -
And when imperfect,
Made soft amends.

Now he stands quiet
Before her grave -
She left him early,
Her heart he saves.

He traveled his road
This gift of life -
With one companion,
His dear sweet wife.   

Copyright (c) 2016

  • “Rain Girl” 
The gentle rain
Makes her glow –
The kind of girl
I'd love to know.

Her soft skin
Made moist with drops,
If allowed to touch
I couldn't stop.

Her soft hands
Predict soft heart,
Her dimpled smile
Sets her apart.

Then her voice
Reveals keen mind,
Bright and pretty –
What a find!

She stands to walk,
I stand as well -
Where we're going
I cannot tell.

I pray she takes us
To that place,
Of non-stop rain
And love's embrace.   

Copyright (c) 2016

  • “Conditional Love” 

Unconditional love -
What you deserve,
While my love for you
Is full of reserve.

If only I'd known you
As a sweet little girl,
Then I could have seen
How you slept in a curl.

If only we'd met
When we were both small,
No other sweet memories,
No past loves at all.

I wish I had not
Loved at first sight,
Not known in an instant
That you were just right.

I regret all those things
That we did as one,
Those memories for me
Are the man I've become. 

If only your heart
Were so much less kind,
Your lips were less full
Someone else I might find.

You're much too endearing
Your affections too pure,
Love thrives on small doubts -
About you I am sure. 

I regret those sweet words
Said just for we two,
Those words for me now
We're my last 'I love you'.

As you can see clearly
We're not meant to be,
We've too much in common
So ignore my heart's plea.

Move smartly ahead
And get on with your life,
Overcome your perfections,
Then I'll make you my wife. 

Copyright (c) 2016

  • “Bride or Groom?” 
As we enter the church
The usher's voice,
Asks "bride or groom?"
He seeks our choice.

We bow to custom,
And select a pew.
As we wait
One made from two.

Friends of the groom
And of the bride,
Do fill the church,
Joined side by side.

We hear the words,
The whispered vows,
That bind as one
'Til then from now.

We leave the church,
Both sides do blend -
We walk as one
Good will we send.

Never again
They'll divide in two,
The friends of each
Heard one "I do".

Copyright (c) 2016

  • “Her Wedding Day” 
She carries the spirit
So many have lost,
Modern pride of today
Has such a great cost.

She carries her virtue
As the prize that it is,
Awaiting one man
To make her now his.

She carries her faith
Quiet and sure,
As she says her vows
We trust they'll endure.

She carries her hopes
Held tight and held long,
She whispers, "it's time"
As we sing her sweet song.

She carries her parents
Held tight to her heart,
The two kindred spirits
The source of her start.

She carries her sisters
As her first true "we",
Their love they do send her
As they now set her free.

She carries her brothers
She learned from them each,
The nature of men
How their hearts one does reach.

Copyright (c) 2016

  • “In Front of Him” 
He had no plan for this event,
It was a normal day.
But there she was in front of him,
He could not look away.

His plans were his and only his,
What he would do in life,
A life of work did sets his sails -
There was no room for wife.

Achievement was his touchstone,
It made him come alive.
His search for meaning, singular -
His goals a lifelong drive.

Life's challenges - he welcomed them,
They raised his flag aloft,
But there she was in front of him,
A challenge far too soft.

Was she a problem to be solved,
Or was she just the thing?
His path in life came to this fork,
Was this a bell he'd ring?

The choice before him was quite clear,
Carry on, or make the leap?
He closed his hand of solitaire -
And made her his to keep.

That was very long ago,
Across his fulsome life.
But he still marks his birth the day
She became his loving wife.

Copyright (c) 2016

  • “In Heaven” 
When we go to heaven - 
You and me,
If I get there first
I'll wait for thee.

No matter how sweet
Heaven seems to be,
Improve it will
When it's you plus me. 

Salvation is what
We call it here,
Eternal bliss -
Life absent fear. 

But my only fear
In celestial life,
Will you in heaven
Remain my wife?

The gods may promise
To meet each call,
But to have you near
I'd forego it all.

We may be flawed
Through and through,
But the love we share 
Is timeless true.

Glimpses of God
We've seen in life,
The talisman 
Above the strife.

One glimpse of God
We quietly know,
Is the love we have
And won't let go.  

Copyright (c) 2016

  • “Leave Me Alone!” 
"Leave me alone!", she cried,
And quickly ran away. 
She was leaving him -
He'd been her night and day. 

She reached for "freedom" now,
This sounded brave and true.
The mistress of her ship,
She'd finally have her due.

The next day opened free,
To do as she would please,
Sleeping late perhaps -
Then finding boys to tease. 

She stayed at bars too late,
And drank too very much.
She learned the latest jokes,
Bet ponies on a hunch. 

She kissed a hundred frogs,
Their names were soon unknown. 
What was her life about,
With heart so all alone? 

Her mirror spoke to her,
It asked "Just what's your plan,
Now that you're on your own,
Without your dear sweet man?"

She quickly turned away,
Yet came so many tears.
"Life's better shared", she knew,
"He's gone", she then did fear. 

Despite how late the night,
In haste she left her home. 
Heart pounding quickly now,
"Is my man for me alone?"

Tapped softly at his door, 
Hands now pressed to her chest, 
What should she say to him,
What words would serve her best?

Dim light then softened her,
Now through his opened door,
She fell into his arms,
Alone she was no more...  

Copyright (c) 2016

  • “Just the Way You Were” 
It's just the way you were, 
I had no words to say. 
I knew in just one glance,
You'd steal my heart away. 

Your blonde hair lit the room,
Your eyes were so sincere.
We lived so far apart -
Yet didn't seem to care. 

Romantic - that's for sure,
Every moment was so sweet.
Each weekend when we met,
Your lips were such a treat. 

Each night when I would call,
I loved to hear your voice - 
As soft as was your skin,
You were my one true choice. 

Each night I read a poem,
The title you'd repeat. 
Each had a theme for us,
Our hearts would skip a beat. 

We found a ring we liked,
One you wished to wear. 
We made a note of it,
How we might find it there. 

But storm clouds did appear,
Your parents did dissent. 
They broke the spell for you,
My spirit they did rent. 

We went our separate ways,
It broke my heart in two.
Silence was your vow - 
What's happened now to you?  

Copyright (c) 2016

  • “The Mystery of My Life” 
The Mystery of my life, 
I've sought her everywhere.
But cannot find a wife, 
Today she's still not here.  

The mystery of my life, 
How did this come to pass?
A life without a home? 
A man without a lass?

The mystery of my life, 
Why am I all alone?
My qualities are very fine,
My skills a lifetime honed. 

The mystery of my life, 
My days have turned to years. 
Had my promise been fulfilled by now,
Gone away would be my fears.

The mystery of my life,
How do others make it real?
They blend each other's arms,
They shape a timeless seal.

The mystery of my life,
It's a weight I've always had.
It's there when I awake each day,
This dark truth makes me sad.

The mystery of my life 
Someday I'll solve it true. 
I'll stand before the altar of God
As we both say, "I do."  

Copyright (c) 2016