“Your Heart” 2015

I will always hold your heart, More tenderly than mine. I will guard it every day, It’s such a precious find. They say no love is perfect, But haven’t yet met you. They say nothing’s forever, But I say it is true. This poem is for one reader, And you know her pretty name. One reader is enough, One candle, and one flame. They say that nothing lasts, That all good things must end. But who are they to say, That this was just pretend? I don’t know if we’ll meet again, Or how this story ends. But memories are ours for life, They warm our hearts and mend. The years are many now, It seems so long ago. But if we met this very night, Our words would surely flow. So here’s a poem to us, We did it soft and true. We took a chance on love, So thankful I met you. Copyright (c) 2015

“The Porch Light” 2015

It’s said that women, Just want to be loved. And men to be needed, This word from Above. The woman’s dilemma If he’s inattentive, Is how to engage him? She must be inventive. So at her own porch light She smacks with a bat! And asks him to help her Replace one like that. Choosing a new light Together that day, He affixes it firmly, She asks him to stay. They sit by the fire, With cookies and tea, She smiles to herself, He says, “lucky me”. The moral of the story Is right there for you. Make the man of your life Feel helpful and true. This may not win favor With every dear lass, But I’ve seen for myself How this comes to pass. Copyright (c) 2015

“Friends & Lovers” 2015

Friends share a vision, They see the same goal. Lovers see each other, For them the bells toll. Friends plan big things, They act and they design. Lovers plan lives together, They embrace life Devine. Friends share interests, They travel and they play. Lovers share affections, Each the center of their day. Friends we have many, And we welcome even more. Lovers have each other, Enough, for each, for sure. Friends can come and go, With the passing of the years. Lovers true stay loyal, Through joys and yes, through tears. True friends we value highly, We keep them close and sure. Lovers live a step beyond, Beyond death their lives endure. Copyright (c) 2015

“Why Did We Meet?” 2012

Why did we meet, What could be the cause? Did we meet for a reason, To assuage all our flaws? If the cause is our hands, Sharing work and real toil, Then let’s get on with building, And tilling the soil. If the cause is our heads, To share all our theories, Then let’s talk and debate, Like the Greeks’ famous furies. If the cause is our souls, And sweet memories, Then let’s get on with loving, Like the birds and the bees. Copyright © 2012

“Sleeping Alone” 2011

For the ambitious man Sleep can seem, Of little use at all. He even wonders If he might, Ignore its nightly call. They say “sweet dreams”, They say “good night”, How hollow this does seem. When you’re alone In bed each night, About whom shall you dream? So make my day, And make my night, Makes sense of all of this. Please appear, Come very soon, And heal me with your kiss. Copyright (c) 2011

“Not Jessica” 2011

Your eyes are full of honesty, Your hair smells very sweet. Your hands are made for dancing, Your lips a soft, soft treat. Our arms fit nicely ’round our waists, But our ideas are unaligned. Our lives are wholly different, Our futures undefined. It makes no sense – the two of us, It makes no sense at all. You are the fairest in the land, I’m the fairest in – Nepal? I always take the train, While you prefer to fly. You delight in staying late, I greet the morning sky. I stay in and read at night, You love clubs and dancing. You vacation on the beach, Hiking is my fancy. But I’d like to see you once again, I’d like to see you soon. I can’t resist your pretty smile… Perhaps I am a loon! Copyright (c) 2011

“You Ask Me To Wait” 2009

You are far away – in Canada, So far from my own heart. Your children truly need you, You must not be apart. Your eyes are set on raising them, My eyes are set on you. You have the values I seek in life, The girl of dreams come true. In all of this you ask “please wait”, Until they fly away… Precious years of this brief life, Years of love now held at bay. You are far – in Canada. Far away from my own home. Your children truly need you, So I must go on – alone. Copyright (c) 2009

“Anticipating You” 2007

Like a boy awaiting a snowfall, A student on his first day in class. A young actor finally performing… A sailor aboard ship – at last. I await the softness of your touch, I await your eyes and your bliss. I await the “finally” I’ll feel when I hear, You’ve said “yes” to just one more kiss. Then we will discover the closeness, That touches the essence of life. We’ll discover the eternal meaning, Of becoming husband and wife. Copyright (c) 2009

“Electra” 2005

Strong, alone, She knows no home. Electra. It’s been this way, For all her days. Electra. She cares so much, She’s hard to touch. Electra. Of love she dreams, It’s all, it seems. Electra. Perhaps one day, She’ll feel this way. Electra. That’s the wish, To feel one kiss. Electra. Her search is real, To touch, to feel. Electra. That one day, One man will say, – “Electra” – Copyright (c) 2005