“Upon His Cross” 2015

Upon this earth Our Lord arrived, As Holy Incarnation. Upon this land Our Lord did walk, To embrace Humiliation. Upon His Cross, Our Leader died, Alone in Consecration. Upon His Cross I place my trust, My hope, My inspiration. Upon His Cross I affix my hand, My gaze, My visitation. Upon His Cross I take my stand, My life, My dedication. Upon His Cross, What else is there? After this life Our salvation. Upon His Cross Thy turn is next, Thy choice, Thy contemplation. Upon each day, Our Lord arrives, Greet Him with Exultation! Then take up His cross Make it your own, You are the purpose Of His creation. Copyright (c) 2015

“Of Heaven & Of Hell” 2015

I had a dream last night, Lonely, impactful, true. Now I know what hell looks like, I surely, truly do. Full of disorder and despair, Hopeless, endless, sad. Now I know what hell is like, Assemblage of all that’s bad. I had a vision last night, Of how my life should flow. About which path to take, To let love and giving grow. It seems the only difference, Between heaven and hell may be, The quality of relationships, The quality of “we”. Copyright © 2015

“Essence of Faith” 2010

Have faith they say, Have faith In God… He hears our every prayer. He sees all acts, He hears all cries, When alone, He’s always there. Companionship, I’ll grant Him that. He listens at all hours. But having faith Must truly be About His plans, not ours. The good news is His plans include, The message of His Son, That we will live eternally, When earthly life is done. In this we trust, and only this, Not in our world today. We are placed on God’s green earth, To serve, to love, to pray. Copyright (c) 2010

“God & Thee” 2009

They often say it’s for the best T’was really meant to be. Some good will come, some better yet. They always promised me. In early days I held these things, Kept faith and towed the line. And in a sense it set me free – Now gone is this Divine. I know not you, but as for me, I asked for one sweet “thee”. I’ve asked for her yet once again, But where or where is she? So it comes to this, astonishing. My faith rests on one thing. A magic yes, one sweet, sweet lass, Proves God in everything. Copyright (c) 2009

“Amazing Grace” 2007

My cup doth overflow, For this I’m truly thankful. I seek ways to pour it out, Making life for others tranquil. My cup is already full, Making the best of all my days… Building character by each new act, Avoiding misdeeds and false ways. My cup is already brimming, Sharing it requires but two. Faith has a special place in this, And for me this requires you, too. Copyright © 2007

“There Is A God” 2004

Those who don’t Believe in God Perhaps are not in touch. We have our friends, We have our earth, We have so very much. Yet even friends can disappoint, And health can slip away. Our planet can ferocious be, And storm, and flood, and sway. There’s really just one constant, One everlasting true. It is that God exists for me, And yes, exists for you. Copyright (c) 2004

“My Dog Lucy” 2015

My dog Lucy Is the same dog every day. She rises, shakes, and runs outside, And always wants to play. My dog Lucy Is sweet and good and pure, She reminds me that the little things Are the bounty that is sure. My dog Lucy Lives in the here and now. She makes me forget to be concerned About the coming row. My dog Lucy And your dog’s just as true, They come along to make us smile And change us through and through. Copyright (c) 2015

“A Glimpse of You” 2008

I liked your face instantly, The softness of your smile. Your independent spirit, Your words were without guile. Your directness was refreshing, Your humility was real. Your dedication to motherhood, Was something one could feel. In only half a life-time, You’ve experienced it all. The rising hopes, the plans all made, The loss in one great fall. Now all you want is “once again”, All you want is more. One family that’s well and whole, That reminds of what love’s for. That’s my wish for Kathryn Kate, My wish to Good Night Moon. That the life you want is yours again, And very, very soon. God bless you and Mary Grace. Copyright (c) 2008

“The Magic Continues” 2003

There you are, You and your boy. Eyes filled with yes, Smiles filled with joy. Fly away time, It’s life never ending. Your gift to the world, It’s him you are sending… Your fingers are raised, Most see it as fun, But those fingers are joined, Just as you two are one. Copyright (c) 2003

“The Human Heart” 2015

Doctors say a human heart Tells how we lived and died. But not how much we loved in life, Or cared, or laughed, or cried. To measure hearts physically, On wear and tear alone, Misses all the good in life, Our friends, our work, our home. So here’s to what they cannot see, Nor weigh, nor touch, nor test. Here’s to why we rise each day, To live and love with zest! Copyright (c) 2015